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Your horoscope is as individual as you are, and unless it has been written using your birth data it has little or no value.
For vastly greater accuracy, all the Bodies in your chart need to be analyzed ... the time, date, and place of your birth, in conjunction with the position of the Sun, Moon and Planets within the Zodiac - as well as their relation to each other.
When all these factors are taken into account, your chart is as unique to you as your fingerprints.

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Birth Horoscopes - This is a complete horoscope about your life and your personality based upon the arangement of the stars at your birth.

Career Horoscope - Business, Jobs, Professional services, choose your area of maximum success, Period of highest growth.

Love, Marriage & Romance Astrology Consultation - Timing / delay in marriage. Relationship analysis. Match Maker. Probable description of spouse. Failure in love...

Money & Finance Astrology - Covers benefits by business/job, suitable money making area, investments : their suitability, adverse considerations,holding up financial progress, forecast for the future.

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Here you can find professional help on astrology matters. Ask your question and our astrologist will give you an answer!

Total number of questions: 214

Name: Cecil F. Date: 16.10.2003 16:21:21
Solar eclipses on 23. november 2003 falls on my sun, how will effect on me in the next year?
This is a year of change for you, a year to get out of the rut. Your opportunities are found outside ordinary routine. New opportunities and new conditions are manifesting (some may appear unexpectedly) - new relationships, new ideas, new contacts, new enterprises, new plans - more freedom, more variety, more travel - broader fields of interest and activity. It is a year of new experiences - change, growth, fun, freedom. You feel an inner push to go do something, anything, so long as it's a new experience. You notice more opportunities to travel. It is time to take advantage of the prevailing atmosphere of change and variety to learn something new. The year adds new life and color to your undertakings. The changes can be thrilling and inspiring. Now is the time to take advantage of the enhanced sense of freedom you feel and create new outlets for your genius. It is also a time to let older people and children inspire you.
Name: Dmsdoll Date: 15.10.2003 21:25:34
Will I get a good job this month? i am in line for 2 and have excellent credentials.
This is the time of your luck. Anything you start this year will be a success. You have taken much pains and now you will be rewarded. You are close to your aim and you will definately get the job which you want. Good luck!
Name: aquarius Date: 15.10.2003 01:20:47
will my lost love come back to me? will we be in the same country? when will he return?
You are only 36 years old and there is a long life in store for you. It's never too late to start new life and that is what you should do. Next year is favourable for making acquaintances, try to chooose the one of Libra, Leo, Pisces signs. You should let go your past. The man you are asking about has no possibility to live in your country.
Name: Ashvini Date: 14.10.2003 22:37:15
What are my career forecast for 2004-06? What will be my future in the field of management ??
These 2 years are your years of achievement, your time to make great strides in business, employment, promotions, monetary compensation, and/or the accumulation of possessions. It is your harvest time. You feel ambition stirring, a desire to better your financial condition. To accomplish this, it is necessary to be businesslike, efficient, and practical. Many opportunities present themselves. To gain your rewards, move forward in a businesslike manner and with sustained effort. Your state of mind, mental capacity, education, experience, and self-confidence are all part of your success and financial advancement. You feel desire to make a special effort to improve or bring to a successful conclusion some of the ideas and dreams of the past years. This is time of action. Place your abilities on the market with a sense of self-confidence and authority.

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