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Zodiac Sign Horoscope - Everyone heard this word. Everyone knows something about the Zodiac signs, even though some people might not know about planets, star, not mentioning the houses, aspects, planetary pictures, and managements. However, everyone is familiar with Zodiac signs and knows what sign one was born. Ancient Greek astrologist Claudius Ptolemy has connected the 12 Signs of the Zodiac with seasons, events that occur in the nature, and growth of dryness and heat.

Chinese Horoscope - Different years of the Chinese calendar have own astrological signs. According to a legend, Buddha has called all animals of the Earth to arrange a competition in swimming. They were offered to swim across the Sacred River. However, only twelve of them accepted the invitation. So when the contest started, the twelve animals jumped into the water. The Ox was swimming very hard, keeping ahead of the other animals all the time. But at the moment when he was about to climb up the opposite bank, the cunning Rat, who was sitting on the Ox' back during the competition, has jumped out ahead of him. Thus, the cunning Rat was the first to come, the assiduous Ox was the second, and the brave Tiger came the third. The silent Rabbit was the fourth and the strong Dragon came the fifth. The wise Snake came the sixth, the elegant Horse was the seventh, artistic Goat was the eighth, the smart Monkey came the ninth, the colourful Rooster was the tenth, the true Dog arrived the eleventh, and the happy Pig was the last to come.

Druid Horoscope - Druids paid special attention to woods and trees that surrounded them. Hence, they established special correlations between human characters and trees. They claimed that each person, as well as a tree, has certain features, merits, and demerits.

Zoroastrian Horoscope - Zoroastrian astrological system is the original source of all subsequent currents and tendencies in astrology. The calendar cycle includes 32 years, in which each year has a certain symbol connected to one of the animals with a totem. The totem has certain symbolics and properties given to the person who has been born in the given year. Every totem has an antitotem, warning about devil temptations, offered to people of the given year of birth.

Parents Horoscope - find out what parents you or your spouse are, what the best way to bring up your children is, what difficulties you'll meet on your way.

Mythology Horoscope - Do you know that in addition to the Zodiac sign that you were born, you have one more astrological sign revealing the hidden dark sides of your nature? In ancient time, many peoples, including Greeks, believed in it and thought that this horoscope was of the same importance with the usual Zodiac horoscope. According to American astrologist Eric Kane, both systems supplemented each other, as the traditional system told about positive qualities and the future of the person, while the other opened the person's negative sides.

Modality Horoscope - The modality of a sign defines its expression.

Pets Horoscope - They are members of our families and it turned out that astrology influences them as well. Find out what sign your pet is.

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