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Astrology / Astrology for kids

  • Pisces - Charming is this childs middle name! Because of the affectionate nature of the child of Pisces it is very easy to spoil this one...

  • Aquarius - You will find that the Aquarian child may not be as openly demonstrative with their love as you would like them to be, sometimes even giving the impression of not caring for anyone and having a totally unaffectionate nature...

  • Capricorn - Capricorn children are the studious type and you will find that study comes easily and naturally to these little ones. They are apt to form their future career ideas at a very early age and begin working toward those goals early in life...

  • Sagittarius - The sagittarian children are gregarious and are seldom alone as they enjoy a great measure of popularity...

  • Scorpio - The Scorpio child is fixed in mind and emotions by nature and may frequently experience problems in dealing with the realities of the world.

  • Libra - The Libran child is not a sports type but he/she enjoys a large measure of popularity due to being loving and attractive. He or she can be particularly charming and will enjoy a large circle of companions and true friends...

  • Virgo - This child is very orderly, a place for everything and everything in it's place! While this makes the parents happy at an early age...

  • Leo - You will find the Leo child stands out in every crowd and is invariably the leader of the pack. If someone comes along and usurps his/her leadership then you will see Leo break away from that group and form another one elsewhere.

  • Cancer - Cancer children have a very sensitive nature and a fervent imagination which will follow them throughout their life time and through the crucial childhood years they may find loneliness to be a companion, sometimes an even preferred companion, as cruel words from other children can cut deeply.

  • Gemini - Do not expect to live a life of peace and serenity if you are the parent of a Gemini child! For this one to be still and quiet would be a wonder as activity seems to be the keynote with them...

  • Taurus - Due to the fixed personality of the child of Taurus the Taurean child does not mix freely with others. They are frequently alone by choice, but seldom are they lonely for they are too wound up in some form of sports...

  • Aries - Even though a child born under the sign of Aries will have many warrior tendencies you will find they seldom lead to violence as these little ones prefer to fight with words as they hold forth on their beliefs and ideas...

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