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Astrology / Astrology for women

  • Ceres. Earth Mother - The Ceres asteroid represents the rhythms in a woman's procreation cycles. In her role as mother, the Ceres woman treasures family heirlooms. The biology of life cycles and female passages are within Ceres' domain.

  • Juno. Soul Mate - Juno represents the wife, the life partner, the soul mate. This asteroid affects a woman's decision to share herself with another through a physical, emotional and spiritual union. Juno picks up where Venus leaves off - after the courtship phase, when the conquest is over and the love and commitment begin.

  • Moon Goddess - The most visible symbol of feminine energy in the solar system is the Moon. Because it reflects the light from the sun, the pale orb in the night sky has come to represent a woman's reflective nature, her internalized response to the world.

  • Neptune. Mystic Whirl - Everything we cannot see or touch is Neptune's domain. Our fantasies and our hidden agendas are both born from Neptune's influence. We're lucky it's the second last planet away from the Sun, or these powerful undertows might be just too much to handle.

  • Venus. Beautiful World - The Planet Venus rules over a woman's sense of style, her appreciation of art and culture and how she approaches romance. It dictates our attractions and who finds us attractive. It also governs our attitudes toward finances and material possessions.

  • Vesta. High Priestess - Vesta rules devotion, sexuality and health. Known as The Virgin and The Sister, Vesta represents the powerful woman who sees beyond the scope of herself. Her motivation is the goodness and fulfillment of a greater cause - an uplifting of the soul or the education of a generation.

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