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Astrology / Celebrities

  • Alec Baldwin - Arguably the most handsome of the acting Baldwin brothers (though sibs William, Stephen and Daniel are pretty easy on the eyes as well), Alec Baldwin certainly has his hands full convincing others that looks aren't the key to his success. The eldest Baldwin brother, Alec began his acting career in daytime soaps, then segued to the big screen.

  • Antonio Banderas - Though he may seem to fit to a 't' the title of 'Latin Lover,' sexy Spanish actor Antonio Banderas rejects the label since, as he claims, he doesn't even know what it means. 'Is it a man walking on the beach, winking at the girls and looking for going to bed?

  • Barbra Streisand - Streisand has set herself apart by succeeding on many stages. As a singer, The Voice has recorded countless albums and collected an armload of Grammys. Her musical stylings have translated to the small screen as well, where over thirty years' worth of musical specials have yielded numerous Emmys.

  • Ben Affleck - Ben Affleck's star is on a trajectory that's leaving mere mortals in awe. From humble beginnings in flicks such as School Ties and Dazed and Confused, this Hollywood 'It' boy caught the eyes of many as the eager-for-love, confused young man pining for Alyssa (played by Dazed costar Joey Lauren Adams) in the indie hit Chasing Amy.

  • Brad Pitt - Maybe they do grow them better in Oklahoma, or at least that's the conclusion one can draw from the looks of gorgeous Sagittarian Brad Pitt. Despite his protestations of wanting to be seen as a serious actor first and foremost, the two-time-voted Sexiest Man Alive would be wise to come to grips with his killer good looks.

  • Britney Spears - To some, the skintight, midriff-baring little numbers that pop star Britney Spears wears onstage are about as ire-inspiring as the darkly sexy numbers she sings-dark because of their hints at a more complicated sexuality than a teenager would ordinarily merit.

  • Bruce Willis - Bruce Willis was typecast for a few years there, during which he got 'macho with a sneer' down pat. The onetime Jersey kid's earliest claim to fame was trading barbs with co-star Cybil Shepherd on TV's Moonlighting. Willis soon moved up to the big screen, where he found a home as a cop with an attitude in the Die Hard series.

  • Cameron Diaz - Sure, there was the hair gel, the zipper scene, the dog in a body cast. But, as the title goes, more than anything there was just something about that woman. In 1998's summer sleeper hit. There's Something About Mary, it was the major star-turn by lovely, charmingly gawky Cameron Diaz that made this film so memorable. disposition-and her long legs.

  • Cher - Quick to redefine herself whenever necessary, Cher proved irresistible to a skinny fellow named Sonny Bono who had lofty ambitions. Crooning pop tunes such as 'I Got You, Babe' and 'The Beat Goes On' helped launch the duo's singing and television career, but their reign (and marriage) were short-lived despite Cher's sexy TV garb.

  • David Bowie - His tune Changes could certainly provide an apt description of David Bowie himself. The 'Chameleon of Pop' has a multiple-decade-spanning career in which he has served to change with and define music and fashion trends.

  • George Clooney - Dr. Doug Ross of ER may have said his goodbyes to the emergency room crew after five seasons, but his alter ego, George Clooney, is saying hello to a big-time movie career. The handsome actor who played a suave pediatrician on NBC's top-rated drama actually had spent years searching for a hit like ER, despite his showbiz upbringing.

  • Jennifer Aniston - It's not every actress who's better known for her hair than her flair. Farrah Fawcett was one. So is another Aquarian, Jennifer Aniston, who created a style sensation with 'The Rachel,' the shaggy sported by her character on the hit TV sitcom Friends.

  • Jennifer Lopez - Jennifer Lopez's artistic and personal achievements-as an actress, singer and L'Oreal spokesmodel-have finally managed to overshadow her much-discussed and much-admired derrier (she gained the nickname 'La Guitara' because of her curvaceous body).

  • John Bongiovi - Bon Jovi idolized Bruce Springsteen but never got into writing lyrical ballads as the Boss did; instead he stuck to his interest in blue collar rock and wrote simpler songs with an edge that appealed to teenage rockers and housewives alike. His movie star good looks didn't hurt the band's popularity, of course, and also aided in the singer's segue into film.

  • Julia Roberts - The Pretty Woman of the '90s is far more than eclectic hair and megawatt smile-and now she's the Best Actress of the new millennium. Along with her 2001 Best Actress Oscar, Julia Roberts counts screen credits with Hollywood's hottest hunks among her many accomplishments. Think about it.

  • Justin Timberlake - Justin Timberlake might well be the most popular member of *NSYNC. That smooth, sweet voice and that head of curls are to die for, but though he has called his voice his greatest asset, he considers his curls to be his worst characteristic!

  • Kim Basinger - Cover-girl looks first got Kim Basinger noticed, and she showed up on magazine covers for over a decade - until the model followed her true urge to become an actor. She switched coasts, moving from New York to L.A., and found fame opposite Mickey Rourke in 9-1/2 Weeks.

  • Leo Robert De Niro - "You talkin' to me?" So growled Leo Robert De Niro in his memorable role as the combustible road warrior in Taxi Driver. This seminal role is one of a number of collaborations (Raging Bull, Good Fellas) the talented actor has had with director Martin Scorsese, like himself a graduate of New York City's mean streets.

  • Leo Tori Amos - A singer-songwriter from the North Carolina hills, Leo Tori Amos may well get her knack for storytelling and her sense of tenderness and lost love from her down-home roots. It has certainly served her well, since this young musician's songs have won her a cadre of loyal fans.

  • Madonna - Say what you will about Madonna, but she's a force to be reckoned with. This megawatt star has cut oodles of records, vamps on the big screen and has even authored a book. She's also had more boyfriends than hairstyles. Her latest incarnation, Madonna with Child, appears to become her.

  • Matt Damon - Matt Damon first caught the eye of moviegoers in The Rainmaker, but his true star turn came when he mesmerized audiences in Best Screenplay Academy Award Winner Good Will Hunting, which Damon co-wrote with his childhood pal Ben Affleck. Since Hunting, Damon has enjoyed a full plate of roles that prove his range as an actor, including a disturbing turn in The Talented Mr.

  • Mel Gibson - From Mad Max to the Lethal Weapon series to Braveheart, The Patriot and What Women Want (not to mention a slew of juicy roles in between), Mel Gibson has been amusing audiences with his sly wit and warp-speed charm for nearly three decades.

  • Michael Jackson - He's got the biggest-selling album of all time. He helped to launch the era of MTV. He's been a musical heavyweight for well more than three decades. So, why is Michael Jackson always hiding?

  • Nicole Kidman - Many a heart skipped a beat back in 1990 when dreamboat Tom Cruise married a little-known, leggy lass named Nicole Kidman. Who was this redhead from the Land Down Under? Raised in Sydney, this ballet student took to acting early on, yet wasn't discovered by U.S. audiences until the 1989 thriller Dead Calm hit movie screens.

  • Ricky Martin - Capricorn Ricky Martin sure is 'Livin' La Vida Loca.' This international heartthrob has not only picked up a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Performance, he has also landed the top-selling hit single in the history of Columbia Records.

  • Russell Crowe - Move over, Mel-Aussie actor Russell Crowe has splashed onto the Hollywood scene with a roaring battle cry. Born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, Crowe took Hollywood by storm in 1997 with his role as morally questionable Detective Bud White in L.A.

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar - Sarah Michelle Gellar was appealing from the beginning: Discovered in restaurant by an agent at age four, Gellar made her first commercial at five-a seemingly innocuous Burger King commercial that spurred a now-famous lawsuit filed by that fast food giant's main competitor, McDonalds-and made her first movie at six.

  • Sean Connery - It's no surprise that Sean Connery carries the weight of his years so well. The smooth Scottish actor was a bodybuilder as a young man-prep, he'd hoped, for a career as a professional soccer player.

  • Stevie Wonder - When he sings, 'You are the Sunshine of My Life,' the audience believes it. Stevie Wonder has a gift for entertaining his fans. What started as a love for music and a passion for rhythm has blossomed into a career spanning more than four decades.

  • Tom Cruise - The road to stardom wasn't an easy one for Tom Cruise, despite his disarming good looks and megawatt smile. As one of Hollywood's most bankable leading men, Cruise has turned heads in films such as The Color of Money, Rain Man and Jerry Maguire.

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