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Linden (Lime tree)

    People of this sign are rather charming. Moreover, they know how to use their charm. This sign can turn anyone's brain easily. These people dream of a life of ease full of convenience and stability. However, they don't realize that it is not that important for them. They can easily adapt to any conditions. All they need to create an atmosphere of domestic coziness is a tent.
    People of this sign seem to be quiet even a little bit weak-willed, silent, and timid. They can be serene and pessimistic, too. Linden might have the feeling of boredom throughout its all life. This feeling is the sign's enemy number one. The sign is not steady and is especially sensitive to flattery. It is full of contradictions, which make it hard to understand. On the other hand, it is very nice. It is so easy and pleasant in communication, which gives a feeling of psychological comfort.
    Linden patiently listens to its interlocutors. People of this sign respect their close people and don't have the ambition of commanding. People around them love them a lot, despite the fact that Linden is not the most reliable sign.
    These people have a practical mind and talents in engineering. They are quite ready-witted and punctual. If they meet a kindred soul, matrimonial love may return them balance and eliminate contradictions. It is necessary to note that they have a strongly advanced feeling of self-respect. Also, they happen to be jealous - often without a reason.
    The sign features: sociability, observancy, realism, and organizing skills.
    The sign representatives: Louis XIV, Renoir, A.Einstein, and Yulian Tuvim.

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