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Astrology / Horoscope

Year horoscope for Virgo.

Be patient in the first week January as the year gets off to a slow start. Then your thoughts get ahead of your feet, and you're the one pushing it. Chemistry or communications falter after the 21st, and others mistake your position and intentions. Unless you're especially clear, Valentine's Day weekend could be a less than humorous comedy of errors. Your chances for success and failure are equally clear starting February 20th, but by the second week of March you have the strength of will to tip the balance in your favor.

Take care of business in the spring while others are distracted. You can accomplish a lot -- and remember that until April 19th or 20th, personal freedom is the most important goal. Others are much easier to deal with after a month of getting their self-indulgence out of their systems; now they're willing to work with you, and it feels like a party. Reach out in many directions and you may find yourself with many new friends. But by May 17th, be wary of overcommitting. June 10th shows you a way out -- take it, and take it quick!

June 22nd liberates you from all previous mistakes -- and by the 29th, you're radiant with honesty and confidence. Mid-summer sees love, work and whatever else you've got going on in high gear and harmony. You're comfortable with challenges and reasonable about other people's opinions. Just when things get a little tense, August 23rd gives you a month of personal splendor. You roll right over any argument, and after September 2nd everybody's on your side. By the 15th, you're blending old and new in ways that truly make sense for the future.

From September 23rd through November 21st, you get all the time you need to finish your great works. When interesting things happen to your neighbors in the second half of October, it's just more grist for your mill. The second week of November prods you to get involved again. Distraction increases between Thanksgiving and winter solstice; you're in demand; don't be grumpy about it. Starting December 22nd, you're ready to do something - if you don't know what that is, New Year 2005 will give you ideas.


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