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Astrology / Horoscope

Year horoscope for Taurus.

You're good to go in January, clear about the past and future, ready for the here and now. If you stumble between the 3rd and 6th, it just makes you funnier and more human. You can live with that until something big slaps you down on the 21st. With luck and a little help, you're back on your feet by Valentine's Day. If there's a dearth of love on earth, the stars take pity on you by February 20th. You're fully restored and ready to make a little trouble after March 7th.

Spring is gorgeous and it's all about you. You're true to yourself starting March 24th, and you're able to shut out any distractions by April 6th. The 20th begins a month of everything coming together beautifully -- virtues cancel out vices and you achieve personal triumph on every level. Expect to rise in defense of your beliefs between May 17th and 21st; nobody's attacking, but it's important to spend the first part of June setting the record straight. If others are too busy planning for summer, at least you tried to reach them.

Starting June 22nd, be ready for some amazing exploration -- you have about a month of stretching and experimenting until the consequences kick in. July might tend toward selfishness and possessiveness, but August comes to the rescue with renewed sincerity and the desire not to hurt anyone. There's a struggle in your life between the 10th and 23rd, but the good wins out. By Labor Day weekend you add up just what you have in hand, and by mid-September, your conscience is crystal clear once again.

You can feel autumn beginning in your bones -- and a chilly mood between October 14th and 24th sends you on a quest for personal warmth. When previously mysterious individuals pull you into their orbit at the end of the month, you feel safe again. Seek and you will find work, a home or even love in the second half of November. Let the nesting begin as the holidays approach. And if the middle part of December feels like a big present tied with a red ribbon all for you, just wait to see what winter solstice has in store.


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