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Astrology / Horoscope

Year horoscope for Scorpio.

You're ready for anything as January begins, and you're confident you can beat the odds. If anything shakes that confidence between the 3rd and 6th, you won't show it. Assumptions and dependencies remain strong until the 21st, when it begins to become clear that you lack the resources to support your ideals. February has its setbacks and lost causes, but after the 20th you find something you can use and there's reason to hope again. And hope combined with discipline makes March a constructive month.

You're walking on iffy ground as spring begins. While you're not exactly trespassing, you might have to defend your position around April 6th and 19th. You're tempted to save your Easter eggs until the end of the month when you're in a better mood for surprises. Self-improvement plans hatch after May 5th; by the 17th, you'll get some extra guidance. The 21st opens a can of worms, and June 10th adds further confusion to the mix. As things get weird, try to accept the unexplainable.

July 22nd lights up your life and the 29th heats your blood -- passions run high and love's a distinct possibility. You'll get what you wanted in the end. But watch out as the tide turns; you spend much of August fighting uneasily for your beliefs, not wanting to hurt anyone. Your virtues carry the day on the 23rd, and the 30th lets you definitively end a troublesome issue or two. You feel proud and others are proud of you -- and for good reason.

Turn down your ego on September 23rd so that teamwork can be a reality. Be quiet about your imminent success after October 14th -- the world will behold your magnificence by the 24th. Most of the following month is a dream come true, although from November 8th to 11th, you get a little reality check -- analyze that dream in progress. This year, start spreading holiday cheer early. Be sure that you listen to others in the first half of December; the year's end will be a lot more fun (and could be a lot hotter) that way.


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