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Astrology / Horoscope

Year horoscope for Sagittarius.

Despite or maybe because of a heroic performance around the New Year, the beginning of January could find you a little confused or worn out. You'll get your bearings back quickly, and those in need of direction will find it on the 21st. Maybe it's money or some higher principle that'll motivate you; take it as far as it can go, but don't be surprised if you hit a wall after February 20th. Be perceptive and you'll probably realize that the next month is about slowing down and looking around, not screeching to a halt.

In the final week of March, you'll have a beautiful realization about yourself. Celebrate liberation and resurrection in April, but understand that duty may cramp your style by the 19th. Being good to others lightens your load, especially when it comes with a big ethical lesson around May 4th or 5th. Hosts and guests are unpredictable after the 17th -- learn to live with this throughout most of June. There's a little something in it for you, if you know where to look.

The beginning of summer finds you adrift in a strange element. Someone develops unreasonable expectations by the end of June, but you'll make do with them if you don't see a better offer. Around July 23rd, you start making up for lost time -- you're powerful and magnetic. The fun has an edge to it after August 10th. Between the 23rd and 30th, you veer unstably between control and chaos. September brings an uneasy peace, and by the 15th, you're ready to take a calmer and wiser course.

Autumn is all yours. Starting September 23rd, you befriend anyone that you've alienated. Laughing at your own expense increases your value on October 14th. Lost or deferred love comes back to you after the 24th. Be ready with heartfelt apologies on November 8th and cheerful ultimatums on the 11th. If you're not yet in your own personal heaven, you're sure to get there by the 22nd -- don't forget to share. Grudges have no place in this season of light and hope. The holidays are happy indeed; celebrate yourself and your loved ones.


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