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Astrology / Horoscope

Year horoscope for Pisces.

The miracles you started working during the holidays are alive and well in the New Year. Take it slow and be reasonable - setbacks during the first week of January are nothing personal. Until the 21st, it's all in your mind; after this point, start talking. February brings a much-needed reality check. You're basically right, but feedback helps your fine-tuning. Starting on the 20th, your sincere passion turns you into a verifying, vindicating machine, and after March 7th, you're ideally positioned to spell it out for nonbelievers.

If spring upstages you in the last week of March, hold your own as a costar. By April you're proving yourself through confidence, not insecurity. You're excused for focusing more on ego than spirituality, and it's okay if vanity colors your renewed purpose after the 20th. By May 5th, everyone gets the joke. But the 17th brings questions about fundamental issues and truths, and a downhill slide begins. You might even lose your sense of humor between the 21st and June 10th -- don't worry, it's not forever.

On June 22nd, you can find the energy that you thought might be all gone; then the 29th pulls you back into a healthy awareness or embrace. Life is upbeat and carefree until the end of July, when some heavy expectations drag you down. Ready or not, big projects are on deck for August, and rejecting help between the 10th and 23rd just intensifies the pressure. Then raw inspiration and brute force save you. By September 2nd, you're almost as clearheaded and accomplished as you were six months ago.

But there's a price as autumn begins: You have to listen from late September through mid-October, whether or not you agree. Friends rescue you on the 24th, escorting you through a fantastic Halloween. Uninvited guests start bending your life out of shape in the second week of November. By the 22nd, it's clear that your holiday season is spinning out of control. Stop fighting and don't stress. The first half of December proves just how broad your tastes are, and the coming of winter joins happy endings with promising beginnings.


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