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Astrology / Horoscope

Year horoscope for Libra.

You enter the New Year looking over your shoulder in case the past is following. Soothe your guilty conscience by putting your resolutions into effect after January 6th. Be good until the 21st; then you can follow your heart or your appetite. Enjoy a full month of playing and do some traveling if you can. As long as you're ready to start paying up on February 20th, your credit is good. But beware: When your grace period runs out on March 7th, any and all rules will be enforced again.

Unseen things do their background work after March 24th, although you might not notice gradual changes until around April 20th. This is when people of all skill levels rally around worthwhile causes. Abrasive vibes and elements of risk disappear after May 5th. By mid-month, you're clear about what's right and wrong for you; the 21st finds you casting off old taboos and breaking new ground. You have until Father's Day to rebel against your training, but then it's time to toe the line.

Although the first week of summer may not be the happiest, June 29th puts a good spin on a bad situation. In July you could open a stand for the lemonade you make from all these lemons. On the 23rd you win independence from things that aren't working. Rights and ownership are big topics for the next month; then between August 10th and September 2nd, you get yours no matter what anybody else gets. Fair play kicks in again by the 7th -- remember, balance is what you're all about.

You're in top form as autumn begins in late September. By October 14th, you challenge the world to play on your terms -- and it accepts. Delusions of grandeur come with the territory on the 24th, but it's all in fun. You deserve your playtime. Evidence of your Halloween madness resurfaces in the second week of November, but the fallout won't touch you. Stay humble as the holiday season gears up, and December will repay you with kindness and strength. You might have to explain a few things after winter solstice, but you'll have all the necessary evidence.


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