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Astrology / Horoscope

Year horoscope for Leo.

Be cautious in January - good luck equals nothing bad happening. Careful investment feels possible between the 6th and 21st, but mostly you avoid games of chance. Then self-control slips away, and by February you're living on the edge and very much enjoying it. The 20th pulls you up short, dragging you back across the line that you may have finally crossed. By the second week in March you're firmly back in charge of your own actions again, and you've learned a thing or two about moderation.

Starting March 21st, you behave like the noble animal that you are, dignified and proud. It might even prevent you from playing with your friends between April 6th and 30th. After that, however, you're more interested in elevating everyone to your level instead of cutting off the people who seem like too much work. By Mother's Day you're a credit to your generation. Having paid your dues, you can relax and enjoy yourself a little after May 21st.

As summer heats up, it's all yours -- but keep this under your hat after June 29th. One or two partners in crime will definitely come in handy, and as the season sizzles onward, you don't have to explain or apologize. July 23rd serves up what you want on a golden platter: Take your fill, and remember to share! As August melts into September, you might be getting pretty intense. Calm down for a few weeks so as not to alarm anyone.

Fall begins on a high note, but by October 14th you should heed the warning that nothing lasts forever. Flame gives way to steam on the 24th, hiding the imperfection that you suddenly notice. It's obviously somebody else's turn in the sun. Early November belongs to documentation and scrapbooks, but after the 22nd you find a whole new range of reasons to be thankful. Differences of opinion can't touch you during this happy season. December's a time of hope - hold onto it as you segue into the New Year.


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