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Astrology / Horoscope

Year horoscope for Gemini.

January's all business; get your resolutions in order and focus on following through. Any lingering indecision from last year finally resolves on the 6th. You bite the bullet when you believe in the cause. When the stars brighten your life on the 21st, you can't help smiling -- and when you smile, other people do too. Until late February, make time for a social life and you'll get noticed. The 29th is your extra day for gaining an edge or losing focus, depending on what you make of it. March 7th brings any drifters back to earth.

You're in touch with your goals when spring comes. The themes of the season -- birth and regeneration -- apply to you as well as to the world. Save time and money by learning from someone else's mistake on April 19th; then let them learn from your expertise in the next few weeks, and the exchange is complete. After May 17th, they might take a mile for every inch you give, but starting on the 21st you don't care. This is your month and, until late June, the world's lovely and it's all yours.

Don't be surprised if romance or passion rocks your world in the first week of summer. Pursue this while there's time, because just when things heat up all over again at the end of July, life gets busy. Your skills are in demand. At first you don't mind being distracted from your own agenda, but by August 23rd you come to resent it. Background noise builds to a dull roar, and you'll do anything to escape it. Boiling blood simmers down by September, when everything's okay again.

Your true colors go with anything between September 23rd and October 24th -- but after this, there are some matches and implications that you'd rather not consider. Will you spend the rest of the year on the run from the inevitable? November 8th opens a window for art or self-analysis; what you discover this month could change your life. Don't lose it once you find it. Jolly December's the time to celebrate your potential, and after the holidays, winter solstice brings the opportunity to make some real achievements.


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