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The 4 Elements

Four elements or seasons exist which are the Earth (Autumn), Water (Winter), Air (Spring) and Fire (Summer). Each one of these elements has a fundamental role to play to make a ' complete cycle '. In the same way that these 4 elements form the essential pillars of natural life, we can consider that to be a ' complete ' person, we must be positive in these 4 key sectors seen in the personality. We can associate schematically specific qualities for each element.

The EARTH is the indispensable base. It is the nutritious support, the symbol of fertility. It will be characterized by the taste for work, solidity, the sense of traditions, health, concrete sense, respect of ecology, cleanliness, generosity and seriousness. The negative aspects of an ' Earth ' personality could be inertia, heaviness, harshness, a pessimistic or blinkered vision. In Numerology the Earth corresponds in principle to the number 4, 6 and 8 vibrations.

The WATER irrigates the Earth. In reasonable quantity it can generate abundance. In excess it floods the Earth and will erode the soil. It will be characterized by the sense of organization, relationships, co-operation, order, logic and intelligence but without creativity (organization rather than intuition). A negative personality of this type means coldness, hypocritical relationships or relationships for self-interest, contempt, an excessive taste for hierarchy and rules. The combination of Earth and Water qualities brings economic well-being because the two parties complement each other. But often the Water leaders are passionately fond of dominating or of strangling the Earth people (who form the majority) with taxes. In the end, this leads to limitations or a recession. In Numerology, Water generally corresponds to the vibrations 2, 7, 22 and sometimes 1 and 8 (if those people are devoted to managing).

The AIR has the capacity to evaporate Water in favor of it's own distribution over the Earth. It is an indispensable element. Air will be characterized by morality, a sharp sense of justice, the search for spiritual or scientific truth, originality, new ideas and a creative intelligence. The Air carries it's spirit and vitality to the Earth-Water system. The corruption is a negative combination of Water and Air. In Numerology Air corresponds in general to the number 5, 6 and 11 vibrations and sometimes the number 1 (if the 1 has an individual and innovating mind). The 6 being taken with it's more psychological or spiritual aspects (desire for harmony) rather than physical.

The FIRE is the sun which comes to heat the Earth and permit the belief in good conditions. It will be characterized by panache, charm, magnetism, harmony, beauty, confidence, warmth, enthusiasm, passion, the emotions and kindness. The Fire comes to add the final touch of human warmth and beauty to the Earth-Water-Air system. Relationships where everyone's a winner are a positive combination of Air and Fire. Suspicion is the result of negative Air and Fire. In Numerology, Fire corresponds in principle to the numbers 1, 3, 9 and sometimes 2 vibrations (the sensitivity and human warmth of the 2).

For agreement, it is sometimes interesting to compare the principle numbers of each partner (Expression Number, Intimate Number, Desire Number and Life Path) on such a basis. This can help you to understand certain aspects of your relationship better and also improve one or an other of the 4 elements, knowing that a good understanding necessitates a healthy base to each one of these elements. It is also necessary to know that we often favor a bit more one of the 4 elements and that the attraction of one element to another follows the natural cycle of the season the Water which in it's turn admires the creativity of the Air which is attracted by the charm of the Fire.

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