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Christian name selection allows you to find the masculine or feminine names to associate with the surname that you will give in order to obtain the full name with the Expression Number and Intimate Number that you wish.

You can refine the imposed criteria in refusing the Christian names which could give a full name including some negative secondary numbers (unfavorable) for the Desire number, the Expression Number and the Intimate Number. You can also choose to refuse the Christian names giving a full name that has a negative number of letters (unfavourable).

You can consult the list of negative secondary numbers and the negative number of letters by clicking your mouse on the corresponding arrow.

The name that the search for Christian names holds can be uniquely the surname but can also contain one or several Christian names (middle Christian names) as well as the surname. This will allow you to decide more easily on the first Christian name that you would like for your child, for example, or the second name(s) necessary to add to the first name you already chose with the surname in order to have the appropriate vibrations and the best secondary numbers. It is sufficient to write it in the box accompanying your surname and then decide on the final values of the Expression Number and Intimate Number. The program will display the middle name(s) that suit it.

When a search has been fruitful, the names found appear in a list. You can double-click in this list to see the values that are associated to them.

Warning: Some combinations of the Desire Number, Expression Number and Intimate Number are specific of an easily offended personality. Here comes the list, it will help you choosing the right combination matching your need.

Bad character:

 Desire Nbr              8              8            4
 Expression Nbr              8              7            8
 Intimate Nbr              9              8            4

Irritable character :

 Desire Nbr     7      8     1     3     8     9     8     8
 Expression Nbr     8      9      8     4         2      8      5      1 
 Intimate Nbr     1      1      7      1      3      8      6      2

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