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Numerological explanation of the basic numbers

1 (corresponding to A, J, S, c, e) is the first number, the beginning of everything. It is upright and proud, like the head of the line, it is masculine (Yang), alone and autonomous. The number 1 is willing, authoritative and has self-confidence... It is the symbol of individuality.

2 After the previous period of assertion, the 2 (corresponding to B, T, K, o) tries now to maintain the union, looks for collaboration or friendship. 2 forms a couple, a duality. It expresses interiorization, imagination and reproductive power. It is also a little uncertain. It is the symbol of the relationship, the association, it is feminine (Yin), the second pole, a receptor rather than an emitter.

3 After the period of union, the 3 is now the expression of the relationship between 1 and 2, in other words, creation, children, the fruit of their union (C, L, U). It is the search for unity, balance in creativity, exteriorization, expression and joy of living. It is the symbol of the trilogy that exists in all civilizations (The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost ; Osiris, Isis and Horus ; Past, Present and Future ; Birth, Life, Death).

4 Symbol of the square, the 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air), the 4 seasons. 4 (letters D, M, V) refers to stability, order, work and concrete action. It is a feminine number, symbolizing the home and it's construction (4 walls). However, this number is a little restrictive in the material area.

5 This number symbolize now a calling, the desire to travel and have adventures out of the house (4). It is the 5 senses that allow one to experiment (letters E, N, W). It is the search for the new, for variety and pleasure... 5 is very energetic, has a very lively mind, but is also unstable. Semantically, it incarnates free-will.

6 After the adventure of the 5, the 6 aspires now to calm and comfort (letters F, O, X). It is the number of love, harmony, conciliation and comfort. Graphically it is all curves ; the 6 rounds off the angles. 6 symbolizes flexibility, beauty and a certain attraction for the noble soul. 6 has a family sense, it is generous and wants to give pleasure to the whole world, which can sometimes be complicated. 6 is full of resources and gifted with intuition. The graphic symbol of 6 shows the main circle in the lower part contrary to the 9 and thus indicates an activity more to do with feelings, matter and sensuality rather than the mental.

7 After the state of responsibilities and sentimental harmony, the 7 looks now for wisdom (letters G, P, Y). It's vertical stem which is a little tilted, folds under the weight of it's horizontal mental bar. Contrary to 1, it's stability does not come from being vertical but from it's balance. 7 symbolizes the balance which is necessary between the mental and the deep self, between the Yin and Yang. 7 is not very interested in material things, it likes to adopt an attitude of retreat for it's favorite activity : reflection and seeing things clearly.

8 After the state of wisdom acquisition (7), the 8 wants now to use it's power and intelligence, to confront with the material world in order to achieve great things, to earn money (letters H, Q, Z). Overflowing with dynamism after the semi-retirement in 7, 8 needs a lot of space to be comfortable, to give itself new challenges but also to express it's protective kindness. Contrary to 1 who is ambitious and always ready to belt along, 8 knows how to put itself in the middle of the road, to use the space and control the speed with more maturity than 1. 8 is very powerful in it's success as well as in failures, because it knows how to get back on it's feet very quickly. Besides it's demanding aspects, the bond between the two circles it has graphically, symbolizes difficulties with inner communication, between reason and the heart.

9 is the last figure. It symbolizes outcome (I, R). In 9 you harvest what you have sewn previously. It's positive aspects are idealism, humanism, with openness on the world (tolerance, new way of life or of thinking) but it can also have moments of inner tension, jolts, breaks, the price to pay after all the previous bad actions. 9 finishes the present cycle and prefigures the following. The 9th month of pregnancy will end gestation and announce the birth of a child. 9 is synonymous with sensitivity and altruism. Graphically, 9 symbolizes a circle in the upper part which indicates an activity supported more in the mind rather than matter area.

From number 10, the theosophical addition gives 10 = 1 + 0 = 1, 12 gives 3 etc. There are 3 exceptions ; 11, 22 and 33 which are master numbers. They have a very powerful vibration and generally they will be lived as 2, 4 and 6.

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